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ROLLERS Disc 100 ROLLERS Disc 100 RF

Release Time:  16/11/2016 14:47:06  Source:  Buu

Compact, lightweight, robust pipe cuttingmachine for cutting and removing burr from pipes of the pressfitting systems ofstainless steel, copper, C-steel, Ø 8 C 108 mm, steel pipes EN 10255 (DIN 2440)Ø ¼ C 4", Ø 14 C 115 mm, cast iron pipes (SML) EN 877 (DIN 19522) DN 50 C100, plastic pipes SDR 11 wall thickness s 10 mm, Ø 10 C 110 mm, compositetubes Ø 10 C 110 mm. ROLLER'S Disc 100 RF for welded drain pipe/down pipe madeof stainless steel EN 1124 Ø 40 C 110 mm

• Universal for cutting many types ofpipes.

• Also ideal for right-angled and fastcutting of stainless steel tubes and copper tubes of the pressfitting systems,e. g. stainless steel tubes Ø 54 mm in only 4 s.

• Adapted to the requirements of thepressfitting systems: For cutting without external burr, by ROLLERS specialcutting wheel. For dry cutting, therefore no damage to the O-ring by coolant-lubricants.For fast cutting, without impairment of the pipe material by overheating. Forchipless cutting, therefore no chips in the pipe system. For right-anglecutting, according to requirements.

• Easy to operate, no setting work, notools necessary.

• Strong, torsion-free cast structure forright angled cutting. Easy cutting of the pipes by specially designed cutterwheel. Driven cutting wheel and straight feed for fast cutting (Patent EP 10 1782 904). Effortless feeding by easy-grip, proven feed lever and trapezoidalscrew spindle on needle bearing. Cutting wheel protected against touching therunning rollers by in-feed limitation.

• ROLLER'S Disc 100

with 4 strong, hardened precision tubularsteel running rollers on ball bearings mounted for low-friction rotation of thepipes Ø 22 C115 mm to be cut, trapezoidally arranged, replaceable. No settingwork in the whole working range Ø 22 C115 mm. Stainless tubular steel rollers(accessory). Cutting of pipes Ø 8 C22 mm by placing two pipe sections Ø 28 220 mm on the running rollers.


ROLLER'S Disc 100 RF

with 4 strong, ball bearing mounted rollersfor low-friction rotation of the welded and to be cut stainless steel drainpipes/down pipes EN 1124 Ø 40 C 110 mm, polyamide pipes, to avoid damage to thepipe surfaces, with Ø 75 and 110 mm pipe guides.

• Optimally set cutting speed (115 rpm) forfast, quiet cutting.

• Low weight, easily portable, only 16.8kg.

• Robust, maintenance-free gear with highefficiency.

• Proven, powerful 1~ universal motor 230V, 50 C 60 Hz, 1200 W, with safety foot switch.

• For workbench. Subframe or mobilesubframe (accessory), for easy transport, optimum working height and stablepositioning. An alternative feed lever is available for operating the driveunit on the fl oor (accessory).

• Special cutting wheels with respectivedifferent cutting geometry are adapted to the performance data of ROLLERS Disc100 and to the materials to be cut and ensure fast cutting without externalburr. All cutting wheels made of proven, tenacious special steel for extremelylong life.


For fast easy removal of burr.

For electric drive by ROLLER Disc 100 pipecutting machine

Inner pipe deburrer ROLLERS Rondo 28 ‒108

(accessory) for pipes Ø 28 ‒ 108 mm, Ø ¾ ‒4".

Inner/outer pipe deburrer ROLLERS Rondo10 ‒ 54 E

(accessory)for pipes Ø 10 ‒ 54 mm, Ø ½ ‒ 2 ⅛", see page 99

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