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Release Time:  16/11/2016 14:45:36  Source:  Buu

Compact, robust quality pipe cutter withcutting wheel and counter pressure rollers on needle bearings for thin-walled,stainless steel pipes, copper pipes and others, Ø 3 C 64 mm, wall thickness s 4 mm.

• Mounted on needle bearing, very smoothaction, for effortless, fast cutting.

• Ideal for stainless steel pipes.

• Proven quality cutting wheel made fromtenacious special steel for extremely long life. Only one cutting wheel for theentire working range Ø 3 C 64 mm, to fi t all ROLLERS Corso Cu/NOX S pipecutters. Quick cutting wheel change without tools (Corso Cu/INOX 3 C 28 S Miniand 3 C 35 S).

• Cutting wheel protected against touchingthe guide rollers by in-feed limitation

ROLLERS Corso Cu/INOX 3 C 28 S Mini

Small, handy, easy grip design, especiallyfor places with diffi cult access.

ROLLERS Corso Cu/INOX 3 C 35 S

With space-saving, special smooth actiontelescopic spindle for fast, easy engagement and simple, right-angled cutting.Integrated pipe deburrer with specially ground, exchangeable deburring blade. 4hardened counter pressure rollers, for exact guiding on the pipe and long life.

ROLLERS Corso Cu/INOX 8 C 64 S

 Fastpositioning of the cutting wheel in both directions. No unnecessary forward andbackward turning of the spindle. For fast working. Strong spindle, long spindleguide and hardened guide rollers, for exact guiding on the pipe and long life.

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