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HF Sensor Moist Scan 100

Release Time:  12/6/2017 14:05:57  Source:  Buu

MOIST SCAN serves as a portable moisture measurement devicewhich is primarily fitted out with a graphical display showing moisturedistributions to be found. The scanner is commonly used for non-destructivemoisture measurements upon large surfaces. In general, the scanner module isoutfitted with an embedded PC and can be combined with all robust sensors ofthe MOIST-series. When conducting a single scan, moisture measurements withhigh spatial resolutions are realizable in several depth layers and can berecorded at once. Therewith, MOIST SCAN enables user scanning large surfaceswith high measuring velocity.


Basics of Dielectric Moisture Measurements

The microwave method is a dielectric moisture measurement method.

Dielectric measurement methods are based on the special physical properties ofwater. Water is a polar molecule, i.e. the molecule doesnt appearelectrically neutral when an electric field is applied to it. Thats whythe water molecule will orientate in a preferred direction given by theelectric field - it is polarizable. If an alternatingelectromagnetic field is applied, then the water molecule will startrotating with the frequency of the field (orientation polarization). Thiseffect is described macroscopically by the physical property DielectricConstant or permittivity.

The dielectric effect of water is very strong, its permittivity is about 80.The permittivity of the most solids (for instance building materials) ismuch smaller, it ranges between 2 and 10 and mainly between 3 and 6.

Therefore the difference between the permittivity of water and the permittivityof the solids is measured. Because of the great difference of these valueseven small amounts of water can be detected well.

Technical data

Current supply:
 12(working-hours) lead-jelly-accumulator
Operating time: >8 hours, > 2.000.000 single measurements
Memory organization: intern64 MByte (< 2.000.000 measuring values)
                                      extern < 1GByte (USB flash)
Dimensions: scannermodule 450x250x200 mm 14,5 kg
                      telescope with touch panel length 1500 mm max. 4,0 kg
Interfaces: USBFlash Stick; SD-Card (via USB Card-Reader)
Size of scan: max.1 M Voxel
Grid of scan: selectable5 cm 200 cm
Recording of scan: in3 layers maximum

Fitting sensors: MOISTR1 430    Max. penetration depth 3 cm
                          MOIST R2 430   Max. penetration depth 5 ... 7 cm
                          MOIST D 430     Max. penetration depth 10 12 cm
                          MOIST P 430      Max. penetration depth25 ... 30 cm
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