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HF Sensor Moist 250

Release Time:  12/6/2017 14:06:42  Source:  Buu

The handheld microwave moisture meter MOIST 250 was designed fornondestructive moisture measurements in various building materials. In itsbasic configuration it consists of a microcontroller based handheld withcolour display and sensing heads. More moisture probes, a RH humidityprobe, a penetration applicator MOIST-ENDO and software MOISTANALYZE areavailable optionally.


Basicsof Dielectric Moisture Measurements

The microwave method is a dielectric moisture measurement method.

Dielectric measurement methods are based on the special physical properties ofwater. Water is a polar molecule, i.e. the molecule doesnt appearelectrically neutral when an electric field is applied to it. Thats whythe water molecule will orientate in a preferred direction given by theelectric field - it is polarizable. If an alternating electromagnetic fieldis applied, then the water molecule will start rotating with the frequency ofthe field (orientation polarization). This effect is describedmacroscopically by the physical property Dielectric Constant orpermittivity.

The dielectric effect of water is very strong, its permittivity is about 80.The permittivity of the most solids (for instance building materials) ismuch smaller, it ranges between 2 and 10 and mainly between 3 and 6.

Therefore the difference between the permittivity of water and the permittivityof the solids is measured. Because of the great difference of these valueseven small amounts of water can be detected well.

Technical data

Microcontroller based handheld Moist 250 with 3,5'' colour display

Power supply: 4 x 1,2V (AA - NiMH-accu) or mainsoperation with power supply
                          Pleaseturn off the device before plugging in the power supply.
Capacity of accu: 2.000mAh
Operating time: 8hours (stand by) by NiMH-accumulator or 4 hours continuous operation
Charge time: app. 4 hours
Dimension: Handheld:  195 x 95 x 40 mm
                     Head MOIST-R1MV2: 130 x 50 mm
                     Head MOIST-PM V2: 130 x 50 mm (funnel D=80 mm)
Interface PC: USB
Display: 3,5-TFT display (monochrome)
Internal memory:
 128 measurement arrays with 8layers per layer app. 32.000 values 
                              128 single arrays (single values)
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