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Altered Nozzle Experience Mist

Release Time:  6/12/2017 16:31:00  Source:  Buu

Altered Nozzle Experience Mist

TheAltered:Nozzle is a groundbreaking device that
easily fits into your existing tap. Experience mist and save
tons of water and energy. In fact so much that the
Altered:Nozzle will have paid for itself in a few months.

No waste. Full functionality. 98 % less water. 

Retrofitsinto your existing tap
Simply unscrew your existing aerator and insert the Altered:Nozzle. FitsStandard, Junior and Tom Thumb sized taps.


MistMode C Savings 98% 
Perfect for washing hands, brushing teeth washing dishes and greens. 


SaveMode C Savings 85%
If you need more for filling a glass, pots or pans, just switch to SaveMode. 


Technical Specification

Installation: Retrofits intoyour existing tap. 
Unscrew your existing aerator and insert the Altered:Nozzle.

Dimensions: Fits Standard(20,8mm), Junior (18,1mm) and
Tom Thumb (15mm) sized taps. (Inner socket dimension)

Material: Lead Free Brass(Chromed handle)

Filter: Metal Mesh 0,4mm

Water pressure: 29-116psi / 2 8bar
Not suitable for pressureless water systems.

Water temperature: Max 210 F / 99C

Flow Rate (6 bar pressure): Mist Mode 0,18 liter/min Save Mode 1,8 liter/min
(Save Mode 4,5 liter/min removed restricter plug)



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