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ROLLERS electric reciprocating pipe saw

Release Time:  16/11/2016 15:09:01  Source:  Buu

Powerful, robust, compact electric pipe sawideal for steel pipes and others up to Ø 6", 160 mm, as well as for manymaterials such as wood, wood with nails, pallets, metal, also stainless steel,cast iron, cellular concrete, pumice, tiles, bricks, ceramics, fi bre cement,plastics.

• For right-angled, fast sawing up to6", with ROLLERS guide holder and extra thick, rigid, unbendable ROLLERSspecial saw blade.

• Guide holder with 5-fold forcetransmitting leverage for 400 % more sawing power for fast, effortless,right-angled sawing. Applicable everywhere on site, without a vice. Easy andsafe to operate. Ideal for assembly and disassembly.

• ROLLERS special saw blades - absolutelyessential for right-angled sawing with guide holder. Extra thick, rigid andunbendable.

• Also for free-hand sawing.

• Slim form, small dimensions, comfortableweight, only 3.0 kg (ROLLERS Fox ANC SR only 3.1 kg). For easy working withoutfatigue.

• Very robust oscillator drive createssimultaneous sawing and orbital stroke. All-round needle-bearing crank drive(ANC) reduces friction, heating and wear. Therefore long life even underextreme load.

• Gear protected against water and dust byspecial, high-sliding silicone seal.

• Aggressive orbital stroke for fast,powerful saw feed, excellent chip discharge and long life of saw blades. Fixedsetting, precision needle bearing for continuously powerful sawing performance.Specially developed for extreme loads, e.g. for sawing steel pipe.

• Stable, right-angled, solid lifting rodof special steel, precision needle bearing, guide all sides for straight,torsion-free cutting. Especially under extreme load, e.g. when using aforce-transmitting guide holder. Drive rod runs in an enclosed housing for safework.

• Powerful saw feed when sawing free handdue to ergonomically designed housing handle and non-slip, heat-insulated, softgrip protective sheath.

• Universal saw blade holder. All sawblades C with one-sided and two-sided hinge C see page 27 C 28, can be clampedwithout changing or without moving the saw blade pressure piece.

• Spiral clamping pin integrated into thepressure piece - easy changeable.



Ideal number of strokes! Consciously fi xednumber of strokes (2400 rpm). No electronics! Thus automatically optimalcutting speed and least possible wear on saw blade, motor and gear. Proven,powerful 1~ universal motor 230 V, 50 C 60 Hz, 1050 W, with thermal overloadprotection.



Vario-Electronic! Continuously adjustablenumber of strokes (0 to 2400 rpm) for simple sawing start andmaterial-compatible free hand sawing. Proven, powerful 1~ universal motor 230V, 50 C 60 Hz, 1050 W.



Speed-Regulation!Number of strokes continuously adjustable on the setting wheel (700 to 2200rpm). The preselected number of strokes remains constant even under extremeload. With soft start, tachogenerator, overheating protection by temperaturemonitoring, blocking protection. For material-compatible sawing. Ideal forsteel pipes, die-cast pipes and sawing boilers, tanks etc. Proven, powerful 1~universal motor 230 V, 50 C 60 Hz, 1400 W.
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