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ROLLERS circular pipe Filou Cu / INOX

Release Time:  16/11/2016 15:04:28  Source:  Buu

Powerful, compact, robust pipe circular sawespecially for stainless steel tubes and copper tubes of the pressfi ttingsystems, up to Ø 76 mm.

• Ideal for low-burr, right-angled and fastsawing of stainless steel tubes and copper tubes of the pressfi tting systems,e. g. Ø 22 mm in only 4 s.

• Adapted to the requirements of thepressfi tting systems: Dry sawing, therefore no damage to the O-ring bylubricants. Low-burr sawing by double vice. Optimum cutting speed damage to thepipe material by overheating.

• Stable, smooth action universal doublevice with only one clamping spindle for fast, easy clamping. Both material endsremain fi rmly clamped during sawing. Secure clamping also of thin-walled pipesby vertically inclined low tension jaw.

• Fast, easy and quiet sawing by favourablelever effect and ideal speed (60 rpm).

• Low weight, easily portable, only 17 kg.For workbench, subframe or mobile subframe (accessory).

• Robust, maintenance-free gear with higheffi ciency.

• Proven, powerful 1~ universal motor 230V, 50 C 60 Hz, 500 W, with safety switch.

• Fine-toothed, hardened, specially groundROLLERS metal circular saw blades HSS or HSS-E (cobalt alloyed), 225 2 32,220 teeth (accessory) for easy, accurate sawing and long life.

•Connection for fi tting the ROLLERS Rondo 10 C 54 E pipe deburrer
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